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Sample Quilt Patterns and Design Ideas

Sample Quilt Patterns and Design Ideas

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Log Cabin Quilts
Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt
Traditional Log Cabin Quilt

This traditional pattern represents the early American home. The center square traditionally was red to represent the hearth, the heart of the home. Shown above are a modern take on the log cabin design in rainbow hues and a very traditional example in rich colonial blue, white and burgundy.

Ohio Star
Ohio Star Quilt with Unique Sashing

Ohio Star Quilt with Irish Chain

The Ohio Star is a very popular quilt design and, as seen in these samples, a very versatile quilt design--first shown with unique sashing and setting squares and then surrounded with an Irish Chain pattern.
Sawtooth Stars
Sawtooth Stars Quilt in Bright Bold Colors
Sawtooth Stars Quilt in Pastel
Sawtooth Stars represent a very simple design that can have dramatic effects when paired with the right colors and patterns.
Baby Bricks Hugs and Kisses
Baby Bricks Quilt--Great in Pastels or Brights
Hugs and Kisses Quilt
This design looks great in pastels or brights for a baby's room or choose a more mature color scheme for your own bed.
The alternating X and O blocks in this quilt give it its name. Shown here in mature fabrics, it also makes a great baby quilt or wedding quilt with its romantic theme...give hugs and kisses to someone you love today.
Maple Leaf Simple Squares
Maple Leaf Quilt in Autumn Colors
Simple Squares Quilt--Basic and Beautiful
This maple leaf design is sweet as syrup. Works great in autumn colors for your cabin in the woods but can also create a very natural and earthy feel in any colors and fabrics.
A very straightforward geometric design still allows for a variety of beautiful results when combined with different colors and fabrics. The design also mimics a stained glass window.


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