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Vintage Cars

Quilt ID: 03301

Size: 38" x 38" (Larger View)

An array of vintage cars offset by cornerstones--perfect for any car lover. Great for a wall-hanging or a young boy to snuggle under. SOLD! Sorry!


Quilt ID: 03302

Size: 33" x 41" (Larger View)

This pieced cat block has a heart appliqued onto each kitty. Rainbow colors make this a perfect addition to any cat lover's decor. SOLD! Sorry!

Celtic Kisses and Hugs

Celtic Knotwork Hugs and Kisses Quilt

Quilt ID: 03701

Size: 45" x 45" (Larger View)

Celtic knotwork in the "kisses" makes a unique design. SOLD! Sorry!

Hearts on A Wall

Hearts on a Wall Wallhanging Quilt

Quilt ID: 03702

Size: 27" x 27" (Larger View)

Each heart is appliqued using a different technique. 100% cotton wallhanging. $180

Blue Constellation

A Shiny Constellation of Pinwheel Stars

Quilt ID: 03703

Size: 39" x 51" (Larger View)

Pinwheel star design in an unexpected arrangement creates eye-catching effect. Quilted with metallic thread and sparkly border fabric. SOLD! Sorry!

Groovy Braids

Continuous Braid with Funky Center Quilt

Quilt ID: 03704

Size 36" x 43" (Larger View)

Continuous braid encircles a funky center fabric. Rich purple, lavender and teal shades add to the playful appeal of this quilt. Fun for everyone. $270

Fall Splendor

Painted Leaves-An Autumn Quilt

Quilt ID: 08701

Size: 74" x 92" (Larger View)

Fall-themed quilt design with metallic thread. Delicately hand-painted leaves adorn the center of every block. SOLD! Sorry! View detail...


Blue-work--A Classically-inspired quilt

Quilt ID: 08702

Size: 72" x 94" (Larger View)

Redwork-inspired design beautifully executed in rich blue and yellow tones with floral details is sure to brighten any decor. $1150. View detail...

Boys' Trucks

Quilt ID: 03303

Size: 38" x 50" (Larger View)

Bold, geometric grid in bright primary colors frames a backing of big utility trucks, perfect for any power-loving boy. SOLD! Sorry!





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