The Quiltmasters--Quilting for You!

QuiltMasters: A Passion for Quilting

The Common Thread--A Passion for Quilting



A passion for quilting is the common thread that bonds our members together. Using fabric as their palette, coupled with the creative love of color and design, timeless expressions of beauty are produced. Whether contemporary, traditional, geometric, or free form, each and every quilt is a work of art.

The majority of women in our group have been quilting for 15 plus years. We are proud of the fact that many of our members are quilt instructors and published designers. Their homes are literally bulging at the seams with finished quilts of every size and design. All of us have had requests from family and friends to make quilts for special occasions or events. Those requests became the inspiration for QuiltMasters. Countless Quilt shop owners applauded and encouraged our idea, having no resource for those customers who have inquired if quilts can be ordered. Taking all this to heart, Quilt Masters was born.

In addition to our custom service, the QuiltMasters MARKET offers a selection of finished quilts for sale, addressing the issue of urgency when time is of the essence. QuiltMasters MARKET also offers ART QUILTS, which cannot be planned or duplicated, as they are the expression of the artist at the time they were created!

Custom Quilts Made Especially for You.